Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I started this blog so that I would have a place to share things I'm "nerding out" over. Judging by the frequency of my posts one of the things I'm not nerding out over is blogging. One thing that I have been nerding out over though is beer! I've enjoyed beer for quite some time now, I've even tried my hand at brewing in the past but lately I've really began to appreciate beer and become interested in the many styles and different brews that are out there. I have been listening to two podcasts lately that have really encouraged my love for and education in beer. Check out Beer School if you are interested in learning about beer and expanding your beer horizons. Expert Drinking is a great podcast if you are interested in gaining some knowledge on all types of beer, wine and spirits. Dr. Bill Sysak's knowledge of all things alcoholic is remarkable.

The only problem with my interest in beer is that it does not dovetail nicely with my pursuit of physical fitness. I pretty much have one day per week where I allow myself to drink beer. That means that it is going to take me a long time to make my way through all the beer I want to try. I mean, Sherbrooke Liquor has over 600 kinds of beer in their cooler. 600! Their cooler is mind blowing. One of the great things about Sherbrooke, besides their selection, is that you can buy singles and try a new beer without being committed to an entire six pack if the beer of your choice is not to your liking.

If we sit down and talk be warned, I may rattle on incessantly about beer.