Thursday, September 1, 2011

San Francisco again...

Lately I have been enjoying listening to the Beer School podcast. If you want to learn a lot about beer tune in to this podcast. And where are they from? Surprise, surprise they're from San Francisco! Once again, many things I am interested come from San Francisco. I think it's the universe whispering to me
Universe: "You should move to San Francisco."
Me: "OK universe, get my wife and I jobs there and we will."
Universe: "Uhh...hold on...BRB."
One item of interest from San Francisco that I have been made aware of recently is the Anchor Brewing company. The story behind the Anchor Brewing company is interesting but I'm not going to tell it here. Buy me a beer and I'll tell it to you. Suffice to say that many people say that the owner of Anchor, Fritz Maytag (yes, from that Maytag family) is the father of the modern craft brewing movement. Thanks Fritz! I have been wanting to try their original beer, the Anchor Steam, for a while now and finally had the chance this past Tuesday at Wunderbar and I have to say it was worth the wait. It was pretty dark in the bar and I was drinking it out of the bottle so I can't really comment on how it looked but it tasted excellent. I'm looking forward to trying it again and spending a bit more time with it. I'm also looking forward to spending more time at Wunderbar, they have an excellent beer selection. So much good beer, so little time.