Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do you do it?

How do you successfully write a blog? I don't mean how do you make money from your blog or gain thousands of followers. How do you consistently keep on blogging? How often do you post? Do you set aside time every day or every week or just write whenever? Any tips would be appreciated.


  1. I think focusing your content on something you're already actively involved in helps. You regularly watch geek-television, so that's more your focus than say books, or even film. So blog about the episode of Doctor Who, or Firefly, or whatever you watched this week. Blog about gaming, if that's what you did. Blog about playing Betrayal at House on the Hill. Blog your miscellaneous Star Wars thoughts. Blog about those Sears catalogue images. It's General Nerdiness, after all.

    Set either a time or a word count. When I'm not up to my eyeballs in marking, I set a "one post a week" goal. I set aside 30 minutes a day to work on said post. Mind you, my job is very accommodating to such activity.

    I used to try to post twice a week, but that way lies madness. Once a week is clockwork in the blog world. Consistency is the key to success - if you keep blogging about similar things with regularity (and are interesting!), people will come by. Look at me, I've been here twice already!

  2. Thanks Gotthammer, that's exactly the type of content I am intending on putting up here. Whatever I think is cool at the moment. Great suggestions!

  3. Hey Mister...Oh Man it now looks as if I'm stalking it Nerd Love! It was your running list that dragged me in!
    Blogging is an amazing time don't get yourself over your head. Do exactly as Hammer suggested and pick the things that interest you the most. I find having a weekly feature (even just one) is enough to really grab your readers in. Maybe it's a weekly review, maybe a retro gadget of the week find...after that you can blog throughout with the other things important to your accountability, but keep that 1 weekly post consistent. If you do choose a feature post than setting them all up at the beginning of the month and pre-scheduling them can keep you consistent even when you're feeling of the grid so to speak. I've just neglected my blog for a month and know I'm going to be doing damage control on the guilt trip back in!
    Good to see ya forging ahead young skywalker!