Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Nerds are Better Than Jocks

If you have been living under a rock you may not have heard that a bunch of drunk sports fans in Vancouver decided that when a team of guys whom they do not personally know lost a game that has no real bearing on the lives of these sports fans the only reasonable reaction would be to riot. Here's why nerds are better than jocks. Have you ever seen a mob of enraged nerds rioting? Even after an event as horrendous and offensive as say Star Wars Episode 1? Or the cancellation of Firefly? Or Star Wars Episode 2? Or Star Wars Episode 3? No, you did not. Granted none of the Star Wars prequels were shown to a huge collection of drunk nerds in a city's downtown core either. You'll never see a bunch of nerds flip over a car, of course that may be because the amount of nerds required to physically achieve flipping a car couldn't fit around a car. Any car. Even a Smart car is too heavy. You'd never see a crazy drunken nerd climb a light standard, again that may be because it's too much like climbing the rope in gym class and we all know that's nerd kryptonite. You didn't see gangs of angry nerds burning Jar Jar Binks in effigy. Hey, why didn't we see that? I'd like to see that.
No, when offended, we nerds go home to our rooms in our parents basements, log on to our forums and blogs and "register our disgust throughout the world". We nerds are a peaceful, non-violent lot, doing our best to usher in Gene Roddenberry's utopian future of humanity in our individual lives. Being the change we want to see in the world. That is unless you try and steal our seat in Hall H at Comic Con, then you might just get stabbed in the face with a mechanical pencil.


  1. I like guys who are smart with a sweet personality (nerds) but are still confident and carry themselves well. Jocks are always just plain gross. Their relationships with their girlfriends only last a week (at the most). Nerds are better lovers for sure.